Asset lifecycle.
Standardization. Integration. Intellectualization.

The strategic approaches and asset management principles at all lifecycle stages.

Annual cross-industry conference
November 26th, 2014, Moscow, Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel

The practice and current trends in the asset management sphere based on actual experience of the top Russian and global companies will be presented to the participants. Conference guest speakers include: representatives of Accenture, LUKOIL, NIAEP—Atomstroiexport, SAP, SpetsTek, OpenText, OsiSoft etc.

Within the conference framework, the asset management process will be analyzed in the context of the current trends: standardization, integration, intellectualization.

Standardization as a holistic approach in the global management practice, fixing the common terminology, models, principles of asset management at various lifecycle stages based on the international standards (ISO 9000, ISO 21500, ISO 55000, ISO 15926). Based on the examples of the standards application.

Integration, or a systemic approach to management, taking into account interrelationship and interaction between the key asset subsystems: how do major Russian and global companies resolve the tasks of integrated asset management to achieve high efficiency.

Intellectualization as the new level of asset development making it possible to resolve complex management tasks and take timely and correct decisions based on technological innovations. The intellectualization trend will be reviewed using case studies of exemplary companies.

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Persons invited to participate: Top Managers, IT Directors, CFOs, Managers of Business Lines of the top Russian and foreign companies from the real economy sector interested in establishing and implementing the asset lifecycle management systems, as well as designers and advisors for implementation of IT and asset management techniques.

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The focus of the conference program is on:


Standardization as holistic approach in the global management practice based on the international standards — ISO 9000, ISO 21500, ISO 55000, ISO 15926:

Understanding the standards is the key to implementation of the best global management practices and establishment of an efficient organization.

Complexity of the international standards, or why is it so difficult to come to an agreement?

Risk management and ISO 31000 standards as trust guarantees.


Integration or a systemic approach to management taking into account interrelationship and interaction between the key asset subsystems:

Creation of an integrated asset management solution to achieve high efficiency.

Value of integration in the support management processes: examples of efficient automation of the budgeting and consolidation processes.

Large-scale EDMS testing: how do major companies automate their management and engineering document control.


Intellectualization as the new level of asset development:

Engineering of the future today, or how do technologies help to manage the life cycle of a complex engineering facility.

Global intellectualization experience: from use of individual tools — Production Dashboard in real time mode — to ‘intellectual asset’.

Intellectual solutions and establishment of an effcicent organization. Business cases from the global engineering leaders.

Persons invited to participate: Top Managers, CFOs and IT Directors, Chief Engineers, Managers of Business Lines of the real economy sector companies.

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The conference will be held in Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel
109012, Russia, Moscow, Ul. Neglinnaya 4, Ararat Park Hyatt, Sargsyan Hall
For participation issues please contact: +7 (495) 660-81-81, coordinator — Mrs. Kristina Kurashova


On November 20, 2013, in Moscow at the conference «Capital Projects Lifecycle Management. From Green Field to iField» over 100 representatives of various industries gathered to discuss how the project approach and IT are helping to render capital projects successful.

The conference was organized by Parma-Telecom, who, together with its partners, created a platform for the efficient exchange of experience between the companies, carrying out large capital projects, and operating organizations, engineering companies, consulting companies and technical solutions’ suppliers.

The speakers included Russian and foreign experts Siemens, LUKOIL Overseas, Oracle, CJSC MDS-Group, Parma-Telecom, Petroleum Experts, ClickSoftware, Fiatech, Ventyx (ABB), OpenText.

The audience consisted of top-managers and heads of financial, production and IT-departments, and the specialists dealing with capital projects of Gazprom neft, Russian networks, Oil Company LUKOIL, Oil Company Rosneft, Aerodromdorstroy, Atomenergoproyekt, RN-Inform, Power Efficiency Centre of INTER RAO, Globalstroy-Engineering, State Registration Chamber, Kazakhoil Aktobe, etc.

The conference discussed the following challenging issues:

Modern approaches to managing a capital project lifecycle (ISO 15926, roadmap of capital projects implementation by FIATECH), architecture and composition of supporting IT-solutions.

Using PLM-systems to manage a capital project lifecycle, demonstration of real-life experience of using the systems based on Oracle Primavera, SAP, systems integration.

Applied solutions for managing business processes at various stages of capital construction, practice of use by Russian companies (planning and control systems, project design documentation, procurement management, collective, groupware applications, etc.).

Process management at the «Operation» stage on the example of oil and gas producing companies. The demonstration and discussion of the experience of using the most demanded solutions and tools, such application of modelling tools to the planning of reconstruction of the formation pressure maintenance system, integrated modelling as a tool for supporting the decision-making process, concept of plant maintenance management (PM) with KPIs, etc.




The conference «Information Technologies in the Energy Sector. Effective Management Solutions»

May 31, 2012

On May 31st 2012 in Moscow there was a conference «Information Technologies in Fuel-and-Energy Sector. Efficient Management Solutions». The event was organized by Parma-Telecom company ( and ЕАЕ-Consult company (

The conference organizers have been implementing large-scale projects within LUKOIL group of companies for more than 8 years. The years of project collaboration have demonstrated creation of business solutions that are interesting to domestic fuel-and-energy enterprises since they address needs of sectorial particularity, they have been field-proven in harsh environments and they are backed up by support resources.

The conference attracted more than a hundred participants: the participants included top managers and line managers of IT divisions from the Russian energy sector leaders, namely: GAZPROM, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, LUKOIL, ТNК-ВР, Sibur, KazTransgaz, Belkamneft, chiefs and experts of captive structures within IT services from LUKOIL-INFORM, TBInform, RN-Inform, ITSK companies. The conference also hosted representatives of the key IT providers: SAP, Microsoft, OpenText.

Participants of the conference have been demonstrated concepts of informational-managerial model of an advanced oil-and gas company, solutions package for the industry, efficient sectorial solutions and informational systems for corporate management:

Sectorial SAP-based ERP solutions;

Production systems for oil extraction and oil refining (maintenance);

Budgeting, tax planning and administration systems;

Management of project design documents;

Automation solutions for general corporate services;

Instances of ‘digital field’ and mobile applications techniques.

The conference included a panel discussion «Industry standards and typical solutions for fuel-and-energy sector enterprises». The participants of the discussion were Alexander Pruzhinin, first deputy for strategy director, LUKOIL-INFORM LLC; Leonid Tikhomirov, Director General, Parma-Telecom LLC; Alexander Mironov, Director General, EAE-Consult LLC; Rinald Khamidullin, Director General, ITSK LLC. While discussing the conference participants arrived at the shared opinion that automation of Russian oil-and-gas companies must benefit from the gained experience, while the existing solutions including fine-tuning of the delivered software intended to meet Russian legislation regulations and inter-branch standards must be utilized in a more efficient way.



Conference on Business Efficiency Enhancement through Project Management by Means of Up-to-Date Tools and Technologies

October 27, 2011

A Conference on Business Efficiency Enhancement through Project Management by Means of Up-to-Date Tools and Technologies was held in Perm; it was dedicated to discussing issues of efficient project management based on the up-to-date software products and to dealing with some problems concerned with process of collection and monitoring of the information necessary for management decision making.

Enterprise software product developers as well as representatives of companies of real sector of economy from Permsky Kray, Sverdlovsk Region, Udmurtia, and the Republic of Bashkortostan participated in the Conference. The spokespersons included companies’ experts from Lukoil-West Siberia, Gazprom Invest Zapad, Kamskaya Dolina, LUKOIL-Engineering, Parma-Telecom, and Microsoft and Oracle Primavera companies as well.

The conference attendees included the representatives of OJSC Reduktor-PM, OJSC Chusovskoy Metallurgic Plant, LLC MZ Kamastal, LLC UK TAU Neftekhim, OJSC Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, LLC LUKOIL-Perm, OJSC Belkamneft, OJSC NPO Iskra, OJSC PNPPK, CJSC ENERGOSERVICE, Bank of Moscow, LLC Kamsky Cable, CJSC Solikamskstroy, LLC Perm House of Real Estate Trade.

During the first part of the conference, new developments in the field of information processing and management decision making process enhancement were discussed. Software solutions of the developers are designed to enable companies to obtain key performance data in real time in a view convenient for perception and to analyze information by means of various methods.

In the course of the second part of the conference the companies, extensively introducing innovative management technologies, shared their experience and talked about the results they had achieved. Improvement of interaction between various functional structures within the enterprise and shortening of project implementation periods due to efficient estimate of labor intensity and costs for each type of work were mentioned as the main benefit from implementation of automated planning programs and development strategies implementation management.

In general in the opinion of the spokespersons, introduction of the software solutions presented will provide insight of company’s business but also to control the process of each project implementation.



Conference «Project and Process Management Practices to Improve Business Efficiency»

March 4, 2010

Over one hundred managers, representing the companies interested in efficient management took part in the conference. The conference participants included top-managers and directors, responsible for finance, business development, capital construction and strategic projects support. On the basis of the practices, existing in the large Prikamye companies, the participants tried to find answers to the current issues, such as: how to provide for the execution of the company’s strategy, how to effectively develop and implement investment programs, how to monitor the efficiency of business processes and reduce management costs.

The conference was organized by Parma-Telecom, which is one of the leaders of Russian IT management consulting. The conference was also supported by the Perm Krai CFOs’ Club and IDS Scheer Russian and the CIS.

The representatives of LLC LUKOIL-Perm, OJSC Perm Engineering and Production Instrumentation Company, LLC Perm Financial and Industrial Group and other enterprises of the region told about their practices of project management and business processes management in their companies.

The event has become an efficient platform for finding well-grounded, modern and practicable solutions for business management. The participants of the conference got a chance to consult with specialists, assess the framework for the projects and business processes management, demonstrated at interactive stands and on the example of the fully functional project management system of the Department of Roads and Transport of the Perm-city administration.



Conference «Oil and Gas: Effective Management Practices. IT-Solutions for Vertically Integrated Oil and Gas Companies»

November 18, 2009

The conference «Oil and Gas: Effective Management Practices. IT-Solutions for Vertically Integrated Oil and Gas Companies» which took place on November 18, 2009 presented IT-practices implemented by large oil and gas companies, such as LUKOIL group, OJSC Gasprom Neft, OJSC Oil&Gas Company Slavneft, etc. The conference was organized by Parma-Telecom and ITSK.

Participants of the conference «Oil and Gas: Effective Management Practices», which took place in Moscow on November 18, 2009, discussed the application of IT-solutions in oil and gas industry.

The conference was organized by IT-providers Parma-Telecom and ITSK. The discussion focused on such issues as project planning optimization, capital construction project documents management, plant maintenance in production and processing of resources. The last session of the conference was devoted to the strategic management of a vertically integrated oil company.

The presentation on market trends and IT development for oil and gas industry made by Yekaterina Osorina, representative of SAP CIS, was followed by a discussion of the companies’ practical experience.

The report of Vladimir Torkonyak, director of ITSK SAP Competence Center, focused on the concept of targeted logistics transactions and a thorough control of all the procurement stages in OJSC Gasprom Neft. The unified vertically-integrated management system covers the whole procurement process from demand to retirement and provides coordination between the company divisions and suppliers.

Azat Ishmiyarov, specialist of the Procurement and Contracts Department, told about the experience of LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd. in managing supplier relations with the help of SAP SRM. He presented the organizational model of procurement process used by LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd., and the procurement management process in general.

Igor Yelovikov, director of LLC LUKOIL-INFORM industry expertise center, spoke about the system for planning and control of investment activities used by LUKOIL group. This IT-solution allows planning and controlling the timeframe of investment activities, developing and assigning strategic objectives, and using unified data at all management levels. It also gives an opportunity to control performance and take timely management decisions.

Vladimir Reflov, Deputy Manager of Economy and Investment Department at Gasprom Neft, made a presentation on the system of petroleum products planning and sales control — software solution, which integrates divisions of a geographically dispersed company into a whole and helps to improve the quality and accuracy of planning the petroleum products sales distribution.

During the conference over 70 participants from different Russian regions had an opportunity to discuss issues related to the management of oil and gas companies.